Full(er) House

It’s bedtime at the Mosher house, which means the younger boys—Finn, 7, and Eli, 9— are the first to hit the sack. The older two (Jude, 13, and Olivia, 16) get a little more time to finish homework, but the youngest—Myra, 3—holds a strategic advantage over the others. As the youngest, she’s really in charge, and gets to stay up until mom and dad go to bed.

Having five kids: piece of cake, right?

“We have five very independent children. When you tell them to go to bed, they’ll do everything but,” said Brian Mosher.

There isn’t a moment when Brian and his wife Theresa aren’t surviving their kids, but they manage to strike a balance between being two loving parents and being a creative duo.

Since the summer after high school, it’s been “the Moshers against the universe” to forge their own path. It’s led not only to a large family, but to a family business. Today they own and operate Mosher Multimedia, a creative design and voice talent business based in northern Maine.

“It was a natural thing, an organic thing I guess,” Brian said about meeting Theresa. “She is incredibly creative. She has a great mind.”

Most days Theresa holds down the fort at home, taking care of little Myra while the other children are at school. She handles all of the design work, which could be anything from a newspaper ad to a custom t-shirt.

“I’ve found that if I start out the day and take care of the kids and the house first, then I cannot feel as guilty about working later,” she said. “I try to work while (Myra’s) sleeping or late at night. There are times when I can’t do that. That’s the stressful thing about my job—deadlines, trying to get those done and take care of the kids.”

Brian has a day job on top of his voiceover duties for Mosher Multimedia, as well as being in a couple of bands that keep him busy most weekends. One of the great things about living and working in northern Maine, they said? Opportunity becomes a regular thing to talented folks like the Moshers. When the County hears that someone does good work, news spreads pretty fast.

“When someone thinks of live music or something like that, they know…I’m one of the few that they can call,” said Brian, “so there’s opportunity there. They know that I was on the radio for 25 years, so if they need someone to emcee an event, or if they need someone to lend a voice to a commercial, or if they need someone to edit something…it’s because it’s such a small area.”

Later this year, the Moshers will celebrate 20 years of crafting a relationship where they play off each other’s strengths.

“He’s good with words and I’m better with visuals,” said Theresa. “If I need something written, I’ll give him the basic idea of what I want it to say and he can write it for me.”

“She does everything behind the scenes, but in front of the scenes I do everything,” said Brian.

With five kids and a business to run, Brian and Theresa might not get out much, but evidence of their pursuit of happiness can easily be found in both their creativity and their kids. Theresa’s designs turn up all over the County, and odds are good when you turn on the radio you’ll hear Brian’s voice. If there’s an extracurricular activity, their kids are probably involved in it.

The Moshers have grown some pretty thick roots over the past two decades in their hometown, and now they have an army of children who just might continue on in their parents’ creative footsteps.

“Our relationship, you think it would be a lot more stressful, but you know when you have the right person, you know when it’s a team,” said Brian. “We’re soul mates as far as I’m concerned, and I think we have each other’s back. I’m always looking for ways to come home, because I know she’s probably inundated with the kids. It’s very much a team thing. If there was a captain of the team it would be her…I would be the bat boy.”

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