Channeling Energy

Psychic Darlene Flood often says that she’s an overnight success, even after practicing her craft for 20 years.

Her daily routine hasn’t changed much in that time. She always starts her day with a cup of black coffee—“My grandfather always said, ‘If you have to put something in it, you shouldn’t be drinking it.’”

Her outlook on life and her job, however, has changed dramatically. “It’s more about the way that I feel,” she said, “and being okay with who I am, and what I do, and being a strong female.”

That hasn’t always been easy for Flood, who used to be hesitant to share her work with others.

“The first question that everybody asks is, ‘Well, what do you do?’ I would say, ‘Well, I do… spiritual work,’” she said, mumbling and looking away, “because people [can be] very shaming and very critical and very narrow.”

She was raised in the rural Maine town of Lee. She was a quiet, well-behaved child, following in the footsteps of a rule-breaking sister. “She’s an Aquarius,” she said simply. As a Leo, she said, she couldn’t be more different from her sister, who moved to Texas and became a “born-again Baptist preacher,” which is the “antithesis of what I do.”

Flood said we’re all born with the ability to connect with the non-physical, but for most, it gets stomped out at a young age. Her own “conscious spiritual exploration” intensified in 1987, she said, and she began developing her psychic gifts in earnest in 1996.

When she first moved to Bangor in 1994, there were a lot of people she describes as “alternatives” like herself. Over the years, she said, that number has waned. “I don’t know of anyone other than me that is still doing this after 20 years,” she said. “But I never gave up.”

She’s not your stereotypical crystal-ball gazing, turban-wearing psychic, although she does find humor in that depiction. Instead, she dresses simply in jeans and a T-shirt most days, always ready to transition from her office to outside play.

Her business is tucked away in the very back of a large building on Hancock street. She has the entire lower floor to herself. Her office is spacious and calming. Two chairs sit in the middle of the room and there are a few relics on the walls, but it’s otherwise unadorned. She lets the energy characterize the space.

“All kinds of things fall under the umbrella of ‘Darlene Flood the Psychic,’” she said. She teaches development classes, holds private readings, does healing work and teaches workshops.

In a typical reading, she uses no crystal balls, no tarot cards (which she says are a crutch), and no physical contact. All she needs is a connection with her client’s energy.

“As I’m connected with that energy, I’m used as a channel for all of the information and the energy that comes forth based on the spiritual agreement that the client has,” she said.

What comes next could be anything.

“It’s sometimes things that have already occurred, sometimes things that are occurring now, sometimes things that are potential in the future,” she said. “I don’t decide what that’s going to be. It’s different with every person that sits in front of me.”

“She’s one of the most powerful people I’ve ever met,” said Traci Cates, a long-time friend and client of Flood’s and a regular attendee of her development classes. “She challenges you without making you feel ‘less than.’”

Through her connection with Flood, Cates has grown in her own psychic understanding and has helped her fit her spirituality to what she always thought it should be. Although she’s always been open to psychic energies, Cates said Flood has helped her to “develop far beyond where I would have if I had not met her,” and that she has had a huge impact on her life.

For her part, Flood said it can be difficult when people expect her to know all the answers, but that it’s rewarding to help people through difficult times.

Her career has seen her travel to psychic fairs, and she’s even consulted on an unclosed murder case in Fort Knox by a police officer who was about to retire. “I learned a lot about trusting my intuition with that one,” she said. “I do what I do with integrity.”

Today, Flood no longer travels to psychic fairs or does marathon mini-readings. She’s content to stay on the path that she’s on, which she believes is the universe’s intention. Until that path changes, if she’s not working she can be found at home in her pajamas, doing nothing but sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee the only way to drink it.

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